Carpet Steam Cleaning

At About Tyme we pride ourselves on not having to out source the majority of our work, which Carpet Steam Cleaning is one of those services that we do ourselves. After all Ken being the son of a carpet cleaner has been taught what works and what doesn’t, this means you our client will have the job done the right way, the first time and every time.

Having your carpets steam cleaned is one of the most thorough and cost effective ways of cleaning without breaking the bank and without leaving your carpets soaking wet.

Our carpet cleaning machines have double vacuums, which means the maximum amount of water will be extracted along with the dirt and grime into the holding tanks, leaving your carpet to dry in hours – either at home or at work the same methods apply.

We have a five step plan to getting the job done and taking all the hassle & stress away from you.


Contact us either by calling 0434 857 850 or email us via our contact page to arrange your obligation free quote.


On the day we will arrive Pre – Spray the carpet paying particular attention to the heavy traffic areas.


Spot treatments will be applied where necessary on those stubborn spots and marks. We openly admit that there are some stains that will just not move, either due to how long they have been in the carpet or due the the current age or condition of the carpet. We will discuss this with you both on the day of quoting or when working on the carpet.


Carpets are steamed cleaned thoroughly.


An anti – bacterial spray is applied to leave the carpets and rooms smelling  just that little bit fresher.

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